Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Estate Sale

Estate Sale: It rolls off the tongue a lot easier than yard sale. It also brings in a completely different set of customers than a yard sale. I had things left of my Mom's, Thomas' mother, and our things.

Photo: Estate Sale started good. We had to leave before we got blocked in. Thank you Lynne Kolbie Brown.

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We have completed the estate sale. It was a huge success but I still have a lot of things left. I had many options on what to do with these things.

1. Have auction company come pick up what is left and sale it at a commission.

2. Donate to charity.

3. Yard Sale.

Well I have decided to have a yard sale. Since it is July and it is getting hotter, I decided to wait until fall. That will give me time to continue to clean out my house and add to it. Since it is so hot, it is easier to stay inside and get the cleaning done. I have already cleaned out my utility room, which is very large, and have already added several boxes full. I am pricing as I pack to make the yard sale much easier.

It was so emotional to go through this process, but Lynne Brown was so easy to work with. She had no emotional attachment to anything. It would have taken me years to accomplish what she did in one month.

Since it is over, I am starting back on my bedroom and I have some great things going and I can't wait to share these over the next few weeks.

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