Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Distractions are always felt to be negative. However, I have be given a God given distraction. I have embraced this as positive. One month ago, I signed a contract with Lynne to have the Estate Sale this weekend, only to learn in a few days that our close friends were visiting from Arkansas.

Thomas immediately wanted to change the date of the sale, but I said NO. Our friends would understand. We would be out and about with them and away from the house. A God given distraction. I embraced it and I now know it is just what I needed.

I am now looking around. Our distraction has arrived. Everyone has gone to bed and it is just me. I walk through the estate sale looking at everything. I want to make sure that there is nothing I want to keep. I find 3 things, that's all.

As I put them aside, I am surrounded by Neena and Meemaw. I can feel them everywhere. But it is peaceful. They are telling me it is Ok. Enjoy your distraction and let go. As I sit here all alone with them, I smile and feel so comforted.

Tomorrow morning I will wake to my distraction. I can walk, no run away, and toward our new memories. I can't wait for the next phase that God has in store for us.

This distraction does not have any feeling of negative. My close friends are with us, helping us to let go. As we make the next step in our lives, we are focused. We continue to dream.

I will wake up to helping Thomas cook breakfast, hugging on our friends and their children. Letting go with the best distraction ever.

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