Thursday, August 22, 2013

Not Just Your Mothers Bedside Table!

When repurposing the guest bedroom into the grandchildren nursery, I wanted a bedside table. I looked at mirrored furniture but it wasn't quite right. I saw my mother's bedside table and got an idea. You can view the nursery at Nursery.

I painted it with silver paint. It gave me the look with out the $500 price for only $12.

Here's a close up.

I used these paints.

You can find these at Home Depot. For $5.48 each.

I painted the furniture in Polished Silver and the hardware in Thundercloud. The Precious Moments firgurine is a gift from my parents: Adoption, because I was adopted. I love it and so appropriate for the nursery. I found the frame and the lamp at TJMaxx.

I saved $488. More money for retirement!

Happy Reclaiming!


  1. Did you just apply the paint as directed on the package - or did you do anything special?