Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reclaiming the Master Bedroom Furniture (How I saved over $3000)

I am currently redecorating my master bedroom. Like all empty nesters, retirement is right around the corner so cost savings is huge. I wanted new bedroom furniture and had picked out Paula Deen furniture.

I loved these pieces at $1630 each, that's $3260 for the set.

I had bought my furniture in late 80s or early 90s. We all know it. The rice bed set.

These are in great shape but out dated. Here is my after:

You will notice I added furniture legs I bought at Home Depot. Here is a picture of painting them:

I put them on a cardboard box and it was a lot easier.

They came with these screws already inserted (the ones on the left) and we exchanged them for the ones on the right to get a good buttress with the legs and the furniture.

I painted it with home made chalk paint. $3260 minus $150 supplies = $3110 savings! Hello IRA!!!

Happy Reclaiming!

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  1. Doing a similar thing - but I'm taking the traditional furniture that was in our master and putting it in my daughters room. She's away at college but has SO many clothes to store when she comes home. Luckily we are building a new house in our new state (yay!) and she will FINally get a great closet. So much for the old 'dormer closet'!! A girl needs a 'proper place' to store her clothes. Will have to use your idea for the bottom of the dresser!!! Never thought of that! I have the night tables and had planned to cover the wavy decorative bottom on those, but now I may rethink it and use legs on all the pieces instead. Thanks for all your great ideas!