Monday, March 4, 2013

Crystal Ceiling Fan Light

While I am redoing my master bedroom, I look at my ceiling fan and think how do I make this look better?

All the great looking rooms have great ceiling lighting with crystals and beautiful chandeliers. My mother would have loved to see this new trend.

I remember growing up in a home that was built at the turn of the century. My ceiling light in my room was original to the home. It was georgous but I can't remember it specifically. Fast forward to my home today. I want to recapture that turn of the century feel but with a south Georgia feel.

Let's be real, this is south Georgia and we must have ceiling fans. After browsing the internet, this is what I have found.

I'm not worried about the finish, I can paint it. The chandelier look is out of the question because I have 8 foot ceilings and with a 6'2" husband. I don't want it to look too traditional or too modern.

Then I ask myself, can I adapt a normal ceiling light to the ceiling fan? That is the best idea.

Stay tuned to see what decision will be.

Any ideas are welcomed.

1 comment:

  1. Photo #7 has the simple, but elegant look that I would want for my own room. It’s not as complicated as the other ceiling fan lights. I found this on Pinterest: You may want to try this look for your bedroom.

    Staci Severns