Monday, June 17, 2013

Freeze Frame

How many times in our lives do we just freeze frame. I was working on my master bedroom and this happened.

I knew I had some things in the garage that belonged to Thomas' and my Mom that I wanted to  incorporate. But where to find them?

I have a three car garage that is filled with their memories. It took me this long to deal with their deaths and all their memories that I inherited.

Initially, I wanted to build a shrine to honor our parents. So I could not rid myself of their stuff (memories). So fast forward 3 years:

I now have all their memories. It took me this long to grieve and to realize that what was precious to them was not precious to me. I know they were minimalists and would not want me to have this burden.

Yes, it is a burden to have these memories inherited to Thomas and me. Where do we start, what do we do?

When I started on my bedroom, I started digging. Then I realized it is bigger than me. I started with ebay, and I couldn't get any response to what I asked (remember that this is memories that have emotions attached and not just stuff).

So I freeze framed.

I searched and found someone who does estate sales. Lynne Brown. She has come in with everything in boxes, not knowing what is in there (nor did we). She has been so respectful. Yet everyday we come in with our nightly to do list. It has been tiring.

The sale is this coming weekend. I have worked so hard.

The girls came over and spent 2 weekends going through the attic and their rooms. I have loved seeing them find things that were lost. Heart broken at the things that they chose to trash. This is their stuff not mine. That was huge for me. To let go of trophys, medals, pictures. I thought I would go back and pull these things out of the trash and WHAT? Put it in a box for them to throw out when I'm gone. Letting go. Its hard.

So I freeze framed my  redecorating to deal with these memories.

I will post pictures in the future.

Its OK to freeze frame. 

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