Monday, March 18, 2013

Reclaiming My Saturday

While reclaiming my weekends, I finished a wreath project.

It is made with muslin strips. I purchased the monogram at Flint River Pottery here in Cordele.

I got the idea from Down to Earth Style. I did change it a little. I used 14" by 1" strips of muslin. I would recommend to those of you that want to tackle this project: get a much smaller green wire frame than you think you will need. The muslin makes it alot larger. I would also recommend purchasing your mongram first so you know what size of wire frame for the monogram to get.

I have also ordered from Southern Proper Monograms. Here is the monogram I ordered to go in Livvey's room. This picture was taken at Genie's Baby Shower.

Monograms are really the IN thing right now. All these monograms came in raw wood and I painted them with a sponge brush and Apple Barrel  and/or Behr samples paint available at WalMart, Home Depot and craft stores.

I plan on making another burlap wreath that is similar and I will post it when I finish.

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