Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reclaiming the Bath

This is a project I did last fall. This is the hall bath that was used by the kids. Here is the before picture after we had started demolition.

You really cannot tell it but it had a wall that had a saloon door. The shower was brown and we had it repainted white with a new technique. If you have a good shower or tile but not the right color, I would highly recommend using this technique. We used a company out of Albany GA. We replaced the brown toilet with a new white one. We gutted the vanity and replaced the flooring. After accessorizing, this is the finished product.

The wall is a light grey/blue. We put a shelf above the towel bar. The shower curtain was a steal at TJMaxx for $14. The ginger jar is from the Nat Berkus collection at Target and I got it on clearance.

The two small jars are antique cream jars. They belonged to my grandmother.

Another picture and I love my black doors!

This is a Allen and Roth vanity at Lowe's. $500 and came with the granite vanity top.

The faucet is bamboo shape. I got a bargain. I went into Home Depot one day to get something random and they had these faucets for $20 each. I had just purchased a plain jane one for $90. Needless to say, I returned the $90 and bought 3 of the $20. One for this bath and 2 for my master bath when I redo it. $60 for 3 faucets, not bad. And did I mention they are beautiful!

The mirror was used in the bathroom before. It was purchased at Sam's Club about 12 years ago and is still a classic.

What to do with a large wall. I purchased this iron work at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price. I have 2 wrought iron sconces that I will probably hang.

The zebra towels were purchased at TJMaxx on clearance. They are between gray and silver. They really give the room a transitional look.

Instead of a light fixture, we opted for recessed halogen lights. They give just the right light without competing with the mirror and vanity.

I put down black and white granite tile for the flooring. I still need to paint the closet door black. I'll post some more pictures of the sconces and the painted door.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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