Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Refinishing Antique Brass Door Knobs

While painting my interior doors black, I wanted to do something different with my door knobs. They were 1970's antique brass. I have search blogs about refinishing door knobs instead of replacing which can be pricey to say the least. I have 26 doors to paint and at approximately $25 per knob, this would be almost $700.

Here is a picture of my antique brass knobs:


Ugly isn't it. I know many of you have these. You are like me, you bought your home for the details and large rooms that are common in the 70's home.

I saw these knobs on Emily Hewitt's blog

She used Rustoleum Pure Gold spray paint. And since brass and gold are coming back in I thought this may be a good choice.

I also saw this blog from Emily Clark

 These are real interior designers who are using brass knobs.

So I decided that I would paint mine like Emily Hewitt. I first started by soaking them in straight ammonia. This made the outer shellac easy to remove. I rinsed them well and started with a Brillo pad. I had to remove old paint from the edges where the doors had been painted by a lazy painter who had not removed the knobs and got paint around the edges (I have many issues with this same painter in other areas of the house). Then I started to sand them with a spongy sanding block I got from Home Depot to prepare for the spray paint. I did find that they sanded much easier when sanding with the sponge block and knob wet. I couldn't believe my eyes. The knobs are solid brass and the look was GEORGEOUS!!!!!

This is the before and after. I left a little of the antiquing in the grooves. Then I changed my plans and decided to just spray with clear gloss. Here is the pictures with the knobs replaced on the doors.

I can't wait to continue on the other doors of the house.

BTW, when we added the upstairs, the builder but the shiny brass plated knobs. I am looking to buy more of the 70's antique brass knobs. If you have any you want to get rid of or sale, let me know.

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