Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the beginning . . . . . .

In the beginning. . . . .

I am starting my blog to have others follow me on my journey to reclaim my empty nest. I am a wife and mother of two daughters, a son in law and now a beautiful baby granddaughter. I am an orthopedic nurse practitioner by day but a self proclaimed DIYer by night. I love sewing, painting, crocheting, and home projects. For the last twenty six years my life has revolved around my family. Now is my time.

My empty nest is more than having my daughters grow up and leave to make their own life. My empty nest is also the lose of my parents and my in laws. I am truly alone with my husband who is the love of my life. I want to make my home comfortable, updated, and homey. We moved into this house in 2000. At that time, I decorated it to fit my furniture and completely repainted and changed it to fit me.

Fast forward 12 years. . . . .

I now live in a home that is outdated, has worn out furniture, dirty carpet, and appliances that are slowly dying. My parents and in laws have left my with a 3 car garage full of their stuff, which I see as a treasure trove. My daughters have left me with an attic full of high school and college things, which need to be dealt with.

While growing up my grandmother was a big part of my life. She taught my how to sew and crochet as a preschooler. I made my own Barbie clothes by choice. I loved it. My husband is a Mr. FixIt. He worked as an appliance installer and repairman in high school through the DECA program and I am proud to say we have never had an appliance repairman in my home. All that money we have saved though the years! He loves to work on the house and is not afraid of any project yet he knows his limits and knows when to call in the pros (yes, that's right).

I will include pictures, olioboards, DIY projects with tutorials. I am going to find treasures and repurpose so many things.  Mostly, I want to encourage others to see their diamond in the rough, excited about their homes, and loving their empty nests.

I am excited about this journey!

Follow me as I update my home, organize, purge, and make my home a showcase of me.

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  1. I am new to Pinterest, so I hope you get this message. I am interested in making the bed risers. You show them on carpet. Will they be sturdy on hardwood floors?