Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reclaiming the Workshop

We have not finished the workshop. We started 2 years ago but still have more things to do. The shop seems to be one area that we have dumped things for years. But I have a vision and we will get there. We really love being in the workshop during the fall. We have put a TV in there and being college football freaks, this is our favorite place to be during football season. We are also purging and organizing as we go. We stopped last year and decided to work on the garage. We had the estate sale and cleaned out the garage and now we are going back to the shop. They both go hand in hand. There are things that we use (gardening, painting, tools) that go in one place or the other. So working on both is slow but so worth it. Since college football is starting back up, we will be heading back into the workshop.

Today a friend told me that her husband and she are starting to work on her husband's workshop and wanted some ideas. So I decided to post some pictures we have taken as we started to work on ours.

 This is the before picture of the right room. The workshop has 2 rooms and we have only finished the right room. It was a mixture of garden tools, Christmas decorations, painting supplies, plumbing supplies, etc. You get the picture. It had cheap paneled walls and a drop down ceiling. All were bowing and falling apart. This workshop was built about 25 years ago.

The ceiling was insulated with 6 inch Styrofoam. We removed the ceiling and the walls and got down to the studs. I will say I was knee deep in dead varmits and rat poop. Not a good place to be in. But we all feel this way from time to time. (LOL)

Here is the cleaned up picture.


Then we walled it in with OSB from Home Depot. I spackled it and painted it light gray.

 We're still working. I painted the concrete floor a darker gray and bought Husky Storage which looks great, is durable and lockable.

Then I painted the trim white, installed a frig and TV for the games.

And what man cave can be without Farrah!

Happy Reclaiming!

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